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What are the best children's bike helmets of 2021?

We cannot prevent our children from living on the pretext that a certain activity (such as cycling) could be dangerous and injure them. All we can do is protect them as best we can and keep our fingers crossed that nothing happens to them. And when it comes to teaching them to ride a bike, you have to teach them how to protect themselves before getting on it. The helmet is therefore no longer a simple accessory, but a condition for cycling.

But how do you establish an objective comparison between the different children's bicycle helmets? By taking into account three objective criteria of course.

The first of these criteria to take into account when choosing a bicycle helmet is the size of the helmet. There is a specific line of helmets for children which are all roughly the same size. But there are always a few centimeters of difference in the size of these. A difference that must be taken into account because the helmet should neither be too big nor too small for your child.

The second criterion is comfort and ease of adjustment. For comfort, we will especially examine the inner lining of the helmet which must be quite thick and very soft. For ease of adjustment, easy-to-use adjustable straps will allow your child to wear and adjust their helmet on their own.

Finally, the last criterion that will be taken into account when purchasing a children's bicycle helmet is its design. A helmet should look good enough that the child wants to wear it. If an adult could put any design on their head because for them safety wins, the child will not necessarily understand that and we have to make them want to wear it.


ABUS 37276-6

This is a size S helmet, which is suitable for a head circumference of 48-55cm (ideal for the majority of children) and is specially designed for use in the skatepark or on the cycle path.

Its shell is hard and made of ABS (a material that is both light and well resistant to impact) with a very comfortable internal padding and, in addition, removable and washable to prevent the helmet from smelling bad after a certain time of use. use, even if it is ventilated (with 12 ventilation holes) to minimize the sweating of the child.

Ventura 731001

This Ventura helmet is designed for a child with a head circumference of 52 to 56 cm. It may be a little big for your child's head, but thanks to the straps you can adjust it perfectly to their head. And thanks to the dial on the back, it is made to tighten up well.

The inside of the helmet is made of foam to offer it, in addition to excellent protection in the event of an impact, good comfort when it is put on the head.

Film 46613

We offer you a helmet here at a low price to allow you to provide the necessary protection for your child without breaking the bank (because children's bicycle helmets can sometimes cost a small fortune). This one has a size of 52-56cm which with a bit of adjustment should fit all head sizes of children (even in winter when they are wearing big cups to protect them from the cold).

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